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Main features of our Product

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Support info. details


Detailed documentation of CartFace along with its Theme and variables are provided here. So, visit this page for any kind of support for online store creation.


For selecting the perfect theme for your online store visit our Themes page.


Go through the Partners page to understand how CartFace can add value and quality to your business.


For keeping yourself updated with the latest trends and news of e-commerce go through our Blog page.

Cartface About Us

   For accessing elaborate information about the history, aim and motto of CartFace just read through the About Us page.

Contact Us

   The potential customers can visit the Contact Us page to access the various contact details.


   For selecting the perfect theme for your online store visit our Themes page.


   Go through the Partners page to understand how CartFace can add value and quality to your business.

Features Ecommerce Hosting

   Get the details about easy and hassle-free hosting service with Cart Face by reading through this page.

Product Management

   Get an idea about how to manage and track the products of the online store created on Cart Face.

Order Management

   Gather precise information about management of the orders of the e-commerce store by visiting this section.

Payment Gateways

   Get all the relevant information about the payment gateways on CartFace.

Customer Management

   Gather all the details about customer management of your online store.

Online Store Store Design

   Method of store design is elaborated in this page. So, visit this page for a smooth store designing process.


   This page describes the way to offer special and seasonal discounts to the customers of the online store. So, click here to get the details.

Shopping Cart

   Know more about the method of use of the shopping cart by visiting this page.

Payment Gateways

   This page elaborates the method of activating the existing payment gateways and also integrating the new ones with the online store. Go through this page for a quick update.

Invoice & Tax

    This page regarding how to create invoice alongwith Tax details

Support Support by Phone

    Details of support and phone numbers for various departments.

Email Support

    Check here for available email IDs for support communication

Help Documentations

   This page can help the customers to create their online store without any external support.


   This particular page answers all the frequently asked questions by the possible customers who are interested in creating one.

Terms Terms of Services

   Before going into store creation visit the Terms of Service page to understand the terms and conditions one has to abide by for using this platform.

Refund & Cancellation

   Visit the Refund & Cancellation page to know the methodology of cancelling your account and the procedures that follows it.

Merchant-User Agreement

   Visit the Merchant-User Agreement page to understand the terms and conditions that will guide the agreement between the users and the company.

Privacy Privacy Policy

   The customers can clear their queries about the privacy issues by visiting the Privacy Policy page of CartFace.

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