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Install Cartface POS App

Install Cartface POS App


How Sophistication is added to Your Business

Multiple Selling Point

You are not just restricted to one platform-social media, store, flea market or out of the trunk are all within the ambit of Cartface.

Analytical Representation

Data and analytics would be the driving force in the near future. With Cartface at the helm, you can flawlessly monitor the sales, maintain detailed report and find out those products which are the favorite among the customers.

Effective Growing Tools

To grow you need the right infrastructure and technology, through Cartface, you can easily handle marketing, payment, secure checkouts and shipping. The all-in-one power provided on your e-Commerce store can help you grow exponentially.

Support At Hand’s Stretch

The 24*7 would ensure that your store is functional round the clock and you are able to deal with all kind of tech disruptions.

Payment on the Go

Give hassle-free experience to the customers through Cartface’s anytime, anywhere payment acceptance platform. Credit card, debit card, you name the medium, we make them possible. Incorporate a new avatar for your store now.

Selling Simplification Redefined

An Easy To Use Point Of Sales Means Numerous Satisfied Customers

Accept Payments

A Debit/Credit Card Payment

The external card terminal monitoring platform ensures seamless credit and debit card payment and effective monitoring and tracking.

B Store Credit

Take the selling experience to a new level by store credits. Instead of refunds, think for a smart way to engage the customers for future purchase through store credits. These credits can be redeemed into money to opt for purchase.



Discounts can lure the customer. Offer best discounts on the purchase. You can offer part discount on a stipulated purchase or incentived discount upon reaching full order.

Order Note

Special purchase requires an added notification. You can track the special orders by attaching a simple note to it.


Customize tax based on the area of location and products or include taxes in the price of the product. You can get to choose from the preferences which would make customers optimally satisfied.

Custom e-mail/printed receipts

Customize the receipts with your e-Commerce store to make any necessary changes as and when required. The customers can connect with a nearby printer and get the receipts for future references.

Store Management

Order History

Track orders easily by customers name, product, date in the physical store well as on your e-Commerce

Daily Totals

Tracks the daily total which has accrued to the store. It would take into consideration all forms of payment from card and cash.


Tracking the habit of the customers, analyzing their preferences can help you create new orders for your product. Through the customer management analytics, you can find out a lot about the customer which can help convert sales.


Product Organization

To organize the product based on seasons, sales, type, feature wouldn’t be tough with Cartface there to support you. You can use the smart collection to categorize the products based on their price, vendors and inventory level.

Inventory Management

Flawless management of the inventory is maintained by an effective software system. Through Cartface’s inventory management system, one can conduct the stock counts and stop the sale of the products when the inventory is exhausted.

Cartface POS apps

Incentivizing the customers through whole-sale pricing, loyalty program and special selling prices can help you upscale. Add more apps with Cartface and make your e-Commerce store the next best destination for shoppers.

Product Variation

Give an assorted array of the product differentiation on your store by size, color, material and more. You can create separate outlays based on weight, inventory, price and SKU.


Smartphone and Tablet Compatible – Cartface’s POS apps are compatible across all platforms like tablets, phones and computers. Be the first to expand your venture across the globe by integrating the POS to your e-commerce store.

Point of Sale Hardware

Customization of the check-out counter would never look so hard as long as Cartface is there to help. One can easily integrate card-reader, cash drawer, receipt printer, bar code scanner and more aspects on the e-Commerce store to give a holistic experience to the store owner.

Receipt Printer

One can connect the POS to the wireless printers and generate customized receipts. The customers can easily opt for the purchase and get comprehensive solution like invoices and other deliverables easily without any hassle.

Cartface on Mobile

Mobile Dashboard

Customizes the interface in such a way where you can instantly see different items and track the changing trends. With such incorporation to your web store, you can give a wholesome experience to the customers.

Round the clock Support

Email or Call Customers

Glide through the customer profiles by tracking their checkouts previously. Send them attractive emails stating new products and discounts and increase the base of the business.

Ready to Serve Support Staff

Chat, call, email or write round the clock. The Cartface team would be on their toes to help you smoothen any difficulties whatsoever.

Discussion Forums

Brainstorm your venture with new ideas and strategies, participate in our discussion events and get all the insights about marketing, accounting and sales. We are there to help you build your empire with flamboyance.

Cartface Help Center

Get to know about the market disruptions, prevailing trends, user guides and tutorials to help you get everything that you need to know to keep your store updated and vibrant.



Create a clickable interface on your e-Commerce website for sales, order and traffic to give a comprehensive experience to the customers. Make customers attuned to your POS store through integrated plug-ins and smart shopping options.

Product Report

Realtime analysis of the store can help you make the right strategies and implement them in your business. Through offline and online selling analysis, you can find out the best and the rest products in your store.


Paying online no more a hassle

Switch to POS and Build Your Innovative Store with Cartface POS Hardware


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Frequently Asked Questions

This unique POS application for Android devices lets the store owner to physically manage and monitor the store. With the help of quick search for products, order processing, payment acceptance, debit/credit card swaping, product receipts, one can easily manage their store from the prospective of investment and customers. The background management of the store can be done through the Cartface admin compatible with all the browsers.
Certainly you can do that. When you create store on Cartface, it will automatically synchronize with the POS and you can manage the store through one uniform dashboard. With the POS, it is simpler to update the products and inventories. Auto-synchronization of online store with Cartface POS envisage quick recording and real-time status of the store.
You can go ahead with multiple devices for the usage. With centralized POS tracking, activities in all the stores would be synchronized with the POS.
You can buy hardware kits and individual items of supported hardware from the Cartface Hardware Store in India, Kolkata. You need to contact with Cartface support team through mail Id [email protected]

Install Cartface POS App
Install Cartface POS App

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