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Building website will no longer be a herculean task anymore, with just a click, give an online presence to your business.

  • User Friendly platform which can even suit an amateur to make their own website with just a click.

  • The website functionality will be lightning fast.

  • Auto backup ensure seamless storage of e-Commerce data on safe and secure servers.

  • Quick website loading on multiple platform like tablet, phones and computers.

  • 100% safety and security evoked through Cartface SSL Certification

  • Quick launch for searches from both front and backend.

  • Quick service 24/ 7 over on demand phone, email and chat.

Design Layout
  • A professional looking e-commerce site that will be up and running within minutes

  • Fully responsive/device friendly themes for your e-commerce website presence

  • Complete control of your website’s HTML and CSS

  • Dynamic banner display in your website pages

  • Easily customizable layout of dynamic content via Twig template library

  • Expert CartFace designers eager to discuss new things via our support team

Hosting Securely

You will always want the hosting servers to be safe and secure. You wouldn’t entertain your site getting hacked every now and then. With Cartface hosting features, you would tend to get the following benefits:

  • You can get quick domain registration.

  • Preferred domain names with e-Commerce hosting.

  • You will not be on the backfoot when you want quick data transfer.

  • The building of the site is simplified and made progressive through CGI, RoR,Perl,PHP,MySQL, domain hosting, SSL, Stats


The era of online marketer has fuelled the business to switch to well wired podiums and we at Cartface help you not just get well wired through websites, but also provide a provision of your marketing and SEO campaigns.

  • You can add unlimited web pages and categorize them as and when required.

  • Integrate the blogging paradigm into your website and engage more traffic and leads.

  • A fully integrated Google analytics would help you jumpstart your sales and traffic.

  • Robot txt and site map is automated which facilitates quick crawling.

  • Quick redirection to custom URL is possible.

  • Extraction of email through newsletters.

  • SEO friendly URL structure.

  • Easy to create discount coupons and make the marketing gimmick effective through Cartface’s professional business plans.

Store Management

As an e-Commerce business, it is mandatory to manage the stores effectively. You need to update every minute changes in the store. Cartface leverages into providing the following functionalities.

  • Streamlines the receiving and dispatch of incoming goods.

  • Optimize the safe keeping of goods.

  • You can easily get records of inventory.

  • House-keeping and record maintenance

Product & Inventory

The e-Commerce business must maintain their inventory meticulously. It is important to note that proper tracking is streamlined to avoid any unforeseeable deadlocks during purchase.

  • You can upload unlimited products and product images as and when required.

  • Seamless upload of products based on color, size and material.

  • You can create multiple product category in your e-commerce platform.

  • Quick instant alert to notify of exhausting stocks.

  • Bulk product uploading would give a new makeover to your e-Commerce website.

  • New notification about updated products.

  • Catalogue mode envisage easy check-in and tracking of the products.

  • Top rankings of the product based on specific meta-data, title and URL enable the customers to easily get the right choices.

Accept Payments

Most of the e-Commerce consumers are apprehensive about the payment. They have false notions about the payment procedures and the risks involved.

  • National and International debit/credit card are easily acceptable and you tend to face no hassle whatsoever.

  • No hassle of creating an account to pay for the purchase.

  • Multiple payment options provide assorted array of options like Cash-on-Delivery and internet banking.

  • You don’t have to be afraid about your transaction, the safe platform facilitate safe and secure transacting.

  • Free of cost integration enables the e-Commerce business to easily incorporate the payment platform in their business.

  • One can easily integrate their own payment gateway through the advice and assistance of our experts.


An e-commerce business can sustain itself only when the analytics are implemented in the business effectively. Through Cartface, e-Commerce business can.

  • They can acquire strong insights about the traffic, sales and orders.

  • Analytically evaluate the performance of different products.

  • Sales, visits and referral are mandatory to build your business, we make sure that through our installed analytics, you can upgrade your business into version 2.0.

  • Discover why customers are engaged and how you can retain them on your website.

  • The analytics can help you implement the right strategies to make your marketing viral and effective.

Integrated with App

e-Commerce business is all about integration with the technology. The app integration feature provided by Cartface enable the business to.

  • Save a lot of time by adhering to automated version to avoid manual recording.

  • Through app integration, reduction of errors and elimination of duplicacy can be easily attained.

  • Through app integration, better insights about customers, sales and payment from one aps to another can be tracked effectively.

  • You can customize the apps as and when required.

  • The app integration is non-complicated and easy to adopt on your e-commerce website.

24×7 Support

Get an instant support to overhaul your e-commerce website as and when required. You can easily get the experts to help you fix all the problems associated with equipping the website technologically.

  • On demand support at any point of time.

  • Expert’s advice to incorporate the right IT infrastructure for your business.

  • Get the support over the phone, email, chats and open guidelines.

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