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What is Cartface?

In the contemporary times, business has a new name and it is e-commerce. But for an e-commerce store to be fully functional, a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform is the primary requirement and Cartface meets exactly that need. Its main focus is to turn the online business into a profitable, dynamic and hassle-free affair. It has the ability to cater to the requirements of both the global and domestic merchants and increase their ROI.

What Is A Payment Gateway? Can I Use My Own Payment Gateway?

A Payment Gateway is basically the infrastructure that lets a trader process, authenticate, accept or decline a credit card and other forms of e-payment.
Yes, you can integrate and use your own payment gateway through our expert help.

Is The Bandwidth & Space Unlimited?

Cartface offers unlimited bandwidth and space under the ‘Unlimited’ plan.

Can I use a custom domain with Cartface?

Yes, you can use a custom domain that is solely owned by you with Cartface.

How do I add Facebook, Twitter, and social buttons to my website?

• From the admin panel move to the ‘Settings ‘option and then click on ‘General’
• When the ‘General Settings’ page opens, in the ‘Social Links’ section put down all your social links of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.
• Then go to the ‘Save’ button on the lower right –hand side of the page and save the entire thing.

My Technical Knowledge Is Almost Zero. Can I Still Create My Online Store on Cartface?

Even if your technical knowledge in zero you can still set up your very own online store on Cartface. Our technical team is always ready to help you out via chat, email, and phone. Our documentation will also come in handy in the process of store creation. In fact, the store can be created with just a few clicks.

What Do You Mean By A Free Payment Gateway?

There are certain payment gateways which have been already made available by Cartface and you do not need to integrate them from outside and so no amount of money needs to be paid. These are absolutely free.

Are There Any Additional Hosting Charges? Is Domain Price Included?

No, there are no additional hosting charges.
Cartface offers a free of cost mycartface.com domain name to all the stores on sign up.

What Is The Value Of The Service Tax Levied On The Cartface Subscription Charges?

The service tax levied on the Cartface subscription charges will be as per government rules.

Does Cartface provide an email address?

No, Cartface is not providing any email address. The store owners need to communicate with their own personal email id.

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